Aims and thematic scope of the journal

The journal Folia Litteraria Rossica yearly publishes papers on Russian literature and culture, alongside articles devoted to translational issues connected with literary texts. Occasionally, works in the field of more broadly understood Slavic studies are accepted as well. The aim of the journal is to present research results by scholars specialising in Russian/Slavic studies from home and foreign academic centres, to foster the exchange of ideas and integrate the academic community.

The particular yearly issues of the journal are given a monographic character. Their subject matter revolves around “References to literary tradition”. The proposition of extensive and multidirectional research included in this formula invites the scholars to focus on those matters and issues in Russian literature (both old and contemporary) which inspire a timeless dialogue between authors belonging to various epochs, national literatures and cultures. The overarching topic entails assortment and inevitable selection from among the submitted articles, yet it encourages a deeper insight into a specific subject and guarantees a higher level of recognisability of our profile and of the contents of a particular issue for the Readership